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2020 Modified Season Registration

CRALL is happy to announce that we will be offering a modified season for most of our players.  Due to time constraints and the restrictions we face as a result of the COVID-19 guidelines that need to be followed, we are limiting registration to those who are league age 8 through league age 12. The CRALL Board did not take this decision lightly, but we feel this is in the best interest of everyone’s health and well being as we try and navigate through offering baseball during an ongoing pandemic.

Registration will open on July 6th for AA, Minors and Majors with a deadline of July 13th.  Evaluations, if needed, will be held at Sand Creek on July 15th, teams will be formed by July 17th and can begin practicing at that time.  There will be a 12 game schedule for all 3 divisions, with games starting week of August 3rd.  Each team will play two weeknight games a week through August.  The hope is that we can avoid Saturday games, but they may be possible as well, if needed.  September's schedule will depend largely on whether or not football can be played. If it is not, we will maintain that same schedule into September and hope for a year end tournament. If there is football, September games will be played on Sundays so as not to conflict with their schedule.  




Important Notice:  Everyone will be required to sign a return to play COVID -19 waiver in order to participate.  Also, should situations change due to COVID rules/requirements through state agencies, there is the possibility this season/schedule could be cut short at any time.  Once teams are formed and practices have begun, there will be no option for refunding of registration fees.

Majors:  Fee will be $100.  This includes District 1 umpires and the regular season Majors jersey and hat. The players will be allowed to pick their jersey number as always.  Pants and socks will not be included.  All 12 year old’s will play in Majors unless they choose not to do so, and will not be required to attend evaluations.  Those 11 year old's interested in playing Majors will need to attend the one night evaluation.  

Minors:  Fee will be $85.  This includes umpires, jersey and hat, which will be similar to the Fall Ball style we have had in the past.  This division will be for all players league age 10, and those league age 11 that choose Minors or are not drafted on a Majors team.  Depending on the total number of players registered for this division, there may be room for some players who are league age 9.  This would require an evaluation for those 9 year old’s that are interested.

AA: Fee will be $75.  This includes umpires, jersey and hat, which will be similar to the Fall Ball style we have had in the past.  This division is for all players who are league age 8 and 9.  ** only those 7 year old's who had been previously approved to play in AA will be eligible for this AA season.

**All ages above are "league age," set by Little League. Below is a breakdown of league age to guide you:

4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 year olds - age as of August 31, 2020.

2020 Registration Fee Plan

CRALL Refund Policy

CRALL Families.  Now that our 2020 summer season has been officially cancelled, the Board of Directors has prepared the following process for those seeking refunds of their registration fees.  As mentioned in prior emails, the timing of the COVID pandemic and cancellation of our season presents a financial challenge for our program, as many expenses have already been paid for, and there are still upcoming expenses in maintaining the complex, whether we have games or not. The board continues to take all cost cutting measures that we can in order to weather this season's cancellation. 

We are still hopeful for the opportunity to provide a Fall Ball Season for all levels, if possible. If we are able to do so, it will be done under a separate registration, as it has always been.

League Financial Summary

 2020 Income:  $90,000 +/- (registrations)

2020 Expenses to date:  $30,000** (see below for breakdown)

2020 Upcoming Expenses: $17,000** (see below for breakdown)

Available Funds for Refunds: $43,000

 The balance of $43,000 is less than half of what would be needed if we had to refund every registration. These have been challenging times for everyone and we do not want to add to anyone’s burden.  However, if you are able to do so, please consider either donating this year's registration to the league, or rolling over this year's registration to cover your 2021 dues.  Either of these options will help us to maintain our 5 field complex to the same standard we are all accustomed to as well as stay above water financially.  As a show of appreciation, we will draw 5 names from each of our 6 divisions at random from those who choose Option A or C below. Each winner will receive 10 treat tickets to be used next season. 

Option B would also be helpful, and we would be MOST grateful to those who choose Option A.                                                        

As we are a non-profit organization, charitable tax donation receipts will be issued by request.

Please note, if the total dollar amount of all requested refunds exceeds the funds we have available, we will be forced to issue partial refunds until such time that we have the funds to pay the balance due.   

 Your 2020 Registration Break Down

 League Fee: T-Ball $65, Rookie $75, Single A $130, AA $175, Minors (AAA) Majors $190

Fundraiser Fee:  you had the option between $25 for raffle tickets or a $25 donation - everyone was subject to this fee.

Credit Card processing fees:  Fees incurred, based on total amount charged (will not be refunded under any option below).

All T-Mobile Scholarships will roll over to the 2021 regular season for those to whom it applies.  

 Refund / Credit  Options

Important note: In order to execute our financial planning for the remainder of the year, as well as process refunds in a timely manner, we must set a deadline for your response.  Please do so by July 3.   Those who do not respond by this date will be marked down for Option C.   

Option A:   I would like to donate both the League and Fundraiser fees to CRALL to help cover expenses already incurred by the league for the 2020 season.  I understand I will have to pay a full registration fee for the 2021 season.      

Option B: I would like to donate a portion of my 2020 fees and get a refund for the balance.  I understand I will have to pay a full registration fee for the 2021 season.

Option C:  I would like both the League and Fundraiser fees to roll over as a credit to be used toward my 2021 Little League regular season registration.         

** Please note - If you are moving to a higher level in 2021, you would only pay the difference for the next level of Little League during next year’s registration.  If your circumstances change prior to next spring, you may request a refund at that time. 

Option D: I request that both the League and Fundraiser fees be refunded back to me, less any processing fees that may apply.                

Other Donation Opportunities: If you would like to donate to the program independent from options above,  purchasing a commemorative brick is a great way to do so.  See link below for more information:


You can also make a direct donation by going to link below:


We sincerely thank you for your support of the CRALL program!!!

Detailed Financial Summary

2020  income from registration and raffle tickets.................$90,000

2020 Expenses to Date

Uniforms, equip., balls, etc. already paid for 2020 season..$25,000

Fertilization and lawn mowing  April.............................................$3,800

Liability and Crime Insurance for the first quarter..................$1,200

Total expenses to date.......................................................................$30,000

2020 Upcoming Expenses

Fertilization and lawn mowing for May through October.......$8,500

Liability and Crime Insurance for the balance of the year.......$3,000

Electricity for irrigation system and security lights...................$1,500

General park maintenance and repair.............................................$4,000

2020 upcoming expenses total........................................................$17,000

Balance available for refunds................$90,000 - $47,000 = $43,000


Season Update

Coon Rapids/Andover American Little League (CRALL) has been monitoring guidance and recommendations from our state officials for several months in anticipation of the 2020 Little League season.  Board members, players, and family members have been holding out hope that the season could take place with safety of all parties involved being paramount. Based upon the time of the year and with no clear direction on when games could begin due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is with heavy hearts that the decision has been made to cancel the summer 2020 CRALL season.  This decision is in-line with other local little league and community baseball programs. 

We are holding out hope that a fall ball season can still happen and if/when we get direction from our state officials that can be done safely, we will do everything possible to provide a baseball experience for our youth in late summer/ early fall.  A separate registration process would be done if this can happen.

This decision was very difficult to make and one that was held off on as long as possible, as all board members feel very strongly that providing a baseball season for our youth is especially important in these trying times.

Now that the decision to cancel the season has been officially made, a formal refund request policy will be finalized in the next week or two.  Due to the timing of the COVID-19 pandemic, many expenses for the 2020 season have been paid for in anticipation of this season. As Little Leagues, as well as many other youth organizations, are volunteer run and non-profit organizations, funding expenses (purchased uniforms, supplies, irrigation, lawn servicing, insurance, utilities, etc.) without a season is a challenge. 

Please continue to hold out hope a fall season can take place, but if not, we will be back providing the opportunity for our youth to play the game they love next spring.  To those families with 12-year olds in their final Little League season, we hope to see you around the ballpark for a fall season, but if not, in seasons to come as alumni and fans. 


CRALL Board of Directors

Help Build a Brick Walkway at CRALL!!

Help Build a Brick Walkway at CRALL!!

CRALL has an exciting opportunity for you enshrine your family or company’s name at the park for years to come, while also helping out with a much needed improvement for our baseball complex.   

Here’s How: To provide safe and easy access to the park, especially for our less mobile visitors, a brick walkway will be installed at the main entrance to our fields. You can purchase your own personalized commemorative brick that will help fund the project, and make this a wonderful memorial walkway into a place that holds countless fond memories for so many. It is also a great way for businesses to advertise and support the CRALL program.  

  Our goal is to sell enough bricks in the next four months to start construction of the walkway this spring. The total cost for the entire project will be around $30,000.

 There are three different brick options to choose from: 4" x 8" bricks (text only) are $50, 8" x 8" bricks (text only) are $100, and 8" x 8" bricks (text and logo) are $150.  The engraving will be done by a local company in Andover.

Please follow the link below and order your personalized entrance monument brick today.

Thank you for your support.

CRALL 12 Year Old All Star Team Pictured At Williamsport

Got Questions?

Contact if you have any questions about CRALL.

Key Dates

TBD - Picture Day

TBD - Opening Day

TBD - Player Appreciation Day

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Weather Hotline

The Weather Hotline number is 763-755-4833.  The information on this line only pertains to the games scheduled to be played at our park.

Game Time Limits

For AA/Minors/Majors:  No new inning can begin after 1 hr 45 min

Congratulations to our All-Star Teams

12 yr old District 1, MN State Champions, and Midwest Region Champions
11 yr old District 1 Champions
9 yr old Crystal Tournament Champions, Paul Perez Memorial Tournament Champions

12 yr old District 1 and MN State Champions
11 yr old District 1 and MN State Champions
10 yr old District 1 Champions
9 yr old Paul Perez Memorial Tournament Champions

12 yr old District 1 and MN State Champions
11 yr old District 1 and MN State Champions
10 yr old District 1 Champions
9 yr old Paul Perez Memorial Tournament Champions

12 yr old District 1 and MN State Champions
11 yr old District 1 and MN State Champions
10 yr old District 1 and MN State Champions
9 yr old Crystal Tournament Champions, Paul Perez Memorial Tournament Champions

13 yr old District 1, MN State and Central Region Champions
11 yr old Metro Classic Champions
10 yr old District 1 Champions, Robbinsdale Wood Bat Tournament Champions
9 yr old Crystal Tournament Champions, Paul Perez Memorial Tournament Champions

13 yr old District 1 and MN State Champions
12 yr old Metro Classic Champions
11 yr old Glen Lake Tournament Champions
10 yr old District 1 and MN State Champions
9 yr old Blaine Tournament Champions

12 yr old District 1 and MN State Champions
11 yr old District 1 and MN State Champions

Congratulations to our Tournament Teams

Memorial Cup Champions (12U Gray)

Robbinsdale Wood Bat Tournament Champions (12U Black Magic)
Memorial Cup Champions (12U Gold, 10U Red)
Classic Tournament Champions (Orioles)
Firecracker Tournament Champions (A's)
Raspberry Tournament Champions (Twins)

Memorial Cup Champions 
(12U Orange Crushers)
Minnetonka Bigsy Tournament Champions (10U Red)
Classic Tournament Champions (Orioles)
Firecracker Tournament Champions (Twins)
Scott Brainard Tournament Champions (Twins)

Robbinsdale Wood Bat Tournament Champions (12U)
Minnetonka Bigsy Tournament Champions (9U)

Mauer Cup Champions (12U Red)