The Minors Division is for 10 year olds, advanced 9 year olds, and the 11 & 12 year old players who are not selected to play in the Majors division or did not attend the “Player Evaluation.”

The teams are formed through a draft process. The league is focused on continuing to develop the individual skills needed to advance to the Majors division.

All games will be played with everyone in the batting lineup and no player will sit out for more than two innings per game. Playing time beyond this is earned and decided by the head coach.

The regular season schedule may include inter-league games with other Little League programs. There are usually 2-3 games per week (potential 8pm night games) and 2 or more practices.

The season will conclude just before the 4th of July weekend with all teams participating in a year end tournament.

Only the 9 & 10 year olds in this division are eligible for District/State Post-Season Tournament teams.

To enhance the Baseball experience for everyone involved, all draft procedures are formatted in a way that will best serve each player, based on individual skill level and the overall skill set of each division. 

Those who do not attend Player Evaluations will be placed in a division according to age and skill level.

Placement of all players is subject to Player Agent approval


Each year's schedule should be similar to the previous year, but that depends on how many teams we have in this division.