The “A” Division is for 6, 7 & 8 year old players, some of whom are experiencing organized baseball for the first time.

Advanced 8 year olds who have completed at least one year in the “A” division should move up to the ”AA” Division. 8 year olds who play in the A Division will not be allowed to skip the AA Division the following year and try out for the Minors Division.

Advanced 7 year olds who have completed one year in the “A” division may move up to the ”AA” Division with league approval.

The “A” division is a "coach pitch" league with the purpose of providing a fun atmosphere to experience some competitive play, along with the necessary instruction for each player to continue developing their individual skills. This division provides equal playing time for all players, as well as the opportunity to play different positions in the field.

Everyone is in the batting lineup and the game is played with regular baseball rules with some modifications. Although the score is kept during the game, league standings are not kept. There are usually 2 games per week, along with 1 or more practices.

The regular season will end just before the 4th of July weekend with each player receiving a participation award. All teams return after the break to compete in a double elimination tournament with trophies being awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.


Each year's schedule should be similar to the previous year, but that depends on how many teams we have in this division.