The Rookie Division is for 5 & 6 year olds who have played one year of T-Ball.

Advanced 6 year olds who have completed one year in the Rookie division may move up to the “A” Division.

The Rookie division is geared toward younger players with some baseball experience. In this league, players will be introduced to fielding and base running awareness, and will get additional practice hitting a moving ball.

Each team will generally play 1 weeknight game per week, held on random nights throughout the season, and 2-3 Saturday games (Opening Day / Picture Day and Player Appreciation Day). Scheduled meeting times will be games only and coaches may schedule additional practices.

While score will not be kept during the games, the fielding team will have the opportunity to get the batter or base runners “out” by normal fielding rules, teaching players to recognize where the appropriate play is made. Batters will typically hit a moving ball thrown a short distance by the coach, but a tee will be available if needed to speed along the game.

The season will conclude near the end of June, with the final game being played on the Majors field followed by an award ceremony. Everyone will receive a participation medal.


Each year's schedule should be similar to the previous year, but that depends on how many teams we have in this division.