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After a great deal of thought and consideration, our Minors and Majors coaches have decided on the following players to represent our league in the postseason District 1 All-Star tournaments.

2018 CRALL District 1 All-Star Tournament Teams

12 Year Olds 11 Year Olds 10 Year Olds 9 Year Olds
Jack Clough (Rangers) Cayden Alphin (Rangers) Keaton Coe (Tigers) Anthony Ames (Tigers)
Luke Dehnicke (Rangers) Dylan Bloom (Orioles) Kyle Enwright (Royals) Charles Babb (Astros)
Evan Freking (A's) Jack Brandl (Twins) Griffin Garbow (Marlins) Jeremy Burch (Rays)
Mason Hoheisel (Orioles) Brett Buettner (Orioles) Collin Gravink (Mets) Alexander ElDorado (Mets)
Max Hoheisel (Orioles) Maddie Freking (A's) Macoy Johnson (Astros) Cameron Gillespie (Rockies)
Dylan Kirchner (Twins) Jaxon Knutson (Orioles) Alex Kelly (Mets) Benjamin Hudson (Rockies)
Jayden Kopp (Orioles) Jameson Kuznia (Rangers) Devon Luckas (Astros) Jason Karnowski (Rockies)
Jaydon Lynch (Rangers) Andrew Law (Twins) Levi McCullough (Rockies) Jackson Kirchner (Marlins)
Henry Myos (Rangers) Brady Lukken (A's) Blake Mellum (Phillies) Nolan Longtin (Mets)
Zach Novak (Orioles) Wyatt Myers (Twins) Carter Montgomery (Phillies) Jackson Otterness (Phillies)
Anthony Pardo (Twins) Cameron Sakry (Orioles) Chase Nadeau (Royals) Colin Rian (Royals)
Chase Pemberton (Twins) Lukas Squier (Rangers) Jake Nedved (Marlins) Colton Schmitz (Tigers)
Sam Poser (A's) Carson Timm (A's) Cale Rowe (Rockies) Reese Sharp (Astros)
Chuck Stenzel (A's) Jayden Smida (Rays) Aiden Velsor (Phillies)

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