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Player Appreciation Day

Player Appreciation Day 2017 - Saturday, June 3rd


CALLING ALL VETERANS… We would like to honor all veterans at the start of the event. Please have them meet out on the field behind home plate by 11:50 AM.

The event will start on the Majors Field (F1) at 12:00 PM, lasting about 45 minutes.

  • Players need to start gathering (as a team) on the field at 11:45 AM.
  • EVERY player/coach will be announced with their team.
  • Turn in your raffle tickets to the concession stand by 12:00 PM.  Winners will be announced around 1:00 PM.


  • Former CRALL players invited, and will be acknowledged – Wear your current team jersey!
  • Burger Baskets $5, (additional $1 for fries), come have lunch!!!
  • Wooden Bat games for the Majors teams
  • FREE Root Beer floats for all players after announcements
  • 1 bouncy inflatable (from 9:00 – 12:00, 2:00 – 5:00)
  • Tag #CRALL with your pictures from Player Appreciation Day on Twitter
  • Player Raffle - various wonderful prizes

If you have any pictures you would like to share, email


Pick up your prizes at the concession stand.

2017 CRALL Raffle Winners

Item Winner
$1000 HOM Gift Cert Jessica Sloan
$300 HOM Gift Cert Aaron Hargrave
$100 Gift Card Outback Cathy Sahr
$50 Gift Card Outback David Bruneau
$50 Gift Card Outback Pamela Groitzsch
Twins Tickets Denise Mooney

2017 CRALL Player Raffle Winners

Item Winner
Bike Daniel Olson (Tincaps)
Bike Jerry Gaetano (Rockies)
Twins Tickets Conner Kolbeck (Mets)
Blue Tooth Speaker Justin Schmidt (Red Sox)
Samsung Fit 2 Adley Pardo (Angels)
$50 Gift Card Dicks Alex Gustafson (Grasshop)
$50 Gift Card Dicks Aaron Casey (White Sox)
$50 Gift Card Dicks Alex Hughes (Grasshop)
$50 Gift Card Dicks Reese Sharp (MuckDogs)
$25 Gift Card  Banana Republic Henry Miller (Mariners)
$20 Gift Card Outback Matthew Craig (Grasshop)
$20 Gift Card OutBack Justin Avery (Angels)
$10 Gift Card OutBack Conner Cheney (Cards)
$10 Gift Card OutBack Cullen Rowe (A's)
$10 Gift Card OutBack Blake Crotteau (Giants)
$10 Gift Card OutBack Anna Nohner Phillies)
Twins Signed bat Escobar Parker Larsen (Giants)
Twins Signed Baseball Phil Hughes Joseph Newton (Grasshop)
Rebyl 12 year old package Chris Ebel
Logan Shore signed baseball Kallie Newbauer (Orioles)
Logan Shore signed baseball Andrew Bednarczyk (Grasshop)
Logan Shore signed baseball Aubriella Hart (Brewers)
Logan Shore signed baseball Brier Facer (Rays)
Logan Shore signed baseball Charlie Backer (Rockies)
Logan Shore signed baseball Zach Novak (Twins)
CRALL HAT Cooper Bundy (Marlins)
CRALL HAT Evan Lund (Astros)
CRALL HAT Tristan Hargrave (Yankees)
CRALL SHIRT Ethan Marczak (Blue Jays)
CRALL SHIRT (gray shirt S) Jack Coubal (Astros)
CRALL SHIRT (red shirt L) Jacob Gieseke (Iron Pigs)
CRALL SHIRT (gray shirt S) Monte Jannette (Astros)
CRALL SHIRT (gray shirt M) Andrew Law (Cubs)
CRALL SHIRT (gray shirt S) Ryland Coubal (Astros)
CRALL SHIRT (red shirt L) Brynn Wells (Phillies)