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After a great deal of thought and consideration, our AAA, Minors and Majors coaches have decided on the following players to represent our league in the postseason District 1 All-Star tournaments.  For those who were not selected, there will be other tournament teams formed for ages 10-12. If you haven't already done so, let your coach know if you are interested in playing on a tournament team.

2017 CRALL District 1 All-Star Tournament Teams

12 Year Olds 11 Year Olds 10 Year Olds 9 Year Olds
Noah Dagostino (A's) Jack Clough (Orioles) Cayden Alphin (Red Sox) Keaton Coe (Mets)
Jacob Deuschle (Orioles) Luke Cornelius (Rangers) Dylan Bloom (Rockies) Griffin Garbow (Marlins)
Elijah Herrick (A's) Luke Dehnicke (Twins) Brett Buettner (Rockies) Zach Gordon (Mets)
Wyatt Heppell (Orioles) Evan Freking (A's) Madlin Freking (Phillies) Collin Gravink (Reds)
Jack Koenig (A's) Mason Hoheisel (Twins) Tucker Kerkvliet (Red Sox) Andrew Huber (Reds)
Tyler Lewnau (Rangers) Max Hoheisel (Twins) Jaxon Knutson (Red Sox) Cooper Johannsen (Mets)
Eli Nyhammer (Rangers) Dylan Kirchner (A's) Jameson Kuznia (Yankees) Macoy Johnson (Mets)
Matthew Olson (Rangers) Jayden Kopp (Rangers) Andrew Law (Cubs) Devon Luckas (Rays)
Michael O'Neill (Orioles) Jaydon Lynch (Orioles) Brady Lukken (Yankees) Levi McCullough (Royals)
Andrew Price (Rangers) Henry Myos (Rangers) Wyatt Myers (Cubs) Roger Mourad (Brewers)
Weston Russell (Orioles) Anthony Pardo (Twins) Logan Nistler (Yankees) Chase Nadeau (Brewers)
Seth Saunders (A's) Chase Pemberton (Twins) Cameron Sakry (Rockies) Jake Nedved (Marlins)
Hayden Torgerson (Orioles) Sam Poser (Rangers) Lukas Squier (Phillies) Cale Rowe (Royals)
Chuck Stenzel (A's) Carson Timm (Red Sox) Jayden Smida (Royals)

CRALL All-Star Apparel

Alisa Lewnau will bring all ordered items to Sand Creek Park for pickup as they come in.